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Fellowship Studies

It's a great opportunity to fellowship with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ by joining our current book studies!

Expository Studying,  Joel James

This is a 10-14 week class that meets every Wednesday at 7:00-8:30PM. The goal of the study is to learn the principles of how to study Scripture, present it in the context of teaching and/or preaching, and apply it to our own lives and those who hear.


Christian History Made Easy, Timothy Paul James

This is a 12 week overview of Christian history following the work of Timothy Paul Jones, Christian History Made Easy. The book discussion takes place every other Sunday, from 2:30-4:00PM at the parsonage. Our time begins with singing and prayer, is followed by a 28-30 minutes of accompanying video, and followed by highlights and supplemental material, along with group discussion.


Hebrews Study 

A bi-weekly study of the book of Hebrews led by Matt Cunningham. The study begins at 7:00PM and meets that the home of Matt and Mia Cunningham.

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